Friday, January 30, 2009

Up date

Salam...Alhamdullillah I have completed the lab parts.Now busy writing my thesis. I ll be going to UKM KL next week. Apart from meeting Prof N to get the hcy result there will be a presentation by friend. Then off back to Kuantan. Alhamdulillah enjoying every bit of kuantan life. Even driving to UIA morning and noon seems a pleasure. No hassle. No jam. Just windy trip. Phew. Hope thing goes well especially in writing. Now I m spending more time at UIA. Its easier for me to browse journal and print out and can concentrate more on writing. Its not that the house has no internet facility..but he he too much distraction..Kejap kejap pi dapur, tengok magazine and tengok rumput yang lambat beno nak penuh..And I sort of miss the UIA life..friends of the same wavelenght.

K..other than that life is as usual. Kids going to and back from school by van. Though a bit far I think its ok considering the less traffic jam here. Muneer is adapting well to school life and he makes friends easily with the older boys too..No complaint so far. Munirah also seems to enjoy her year 4. Apparently she is more rajin this day..having a better grasp at math nowadays. kakak as usual her own style. Just came back from a school camping last night..Apparently it was just a motivation session..OK lah tu. mama ingat ada qiam. Tuition as usual monday and friday. My dear abang Muaz went back to JB last tuuesday after a 4 days break foy CNY. He is fond of his school actually more to his friends..satu kepala la tu. Hope abang study harder this year. He is comfortable with asrama life. More organised and settled with his chores at school. Alhamdulillah he is again a roomate with zulhelmi who also act as his naqib in usrah. Mama harap abg jadi contoh terbaik buat adik adik. Berjaya dunia dan anak yg berguna buat mama and ayah di akhirat kelak amin.

Ayah also settle smoothly here in Kuantan. Macam balik kampung je. I m sure everyone loves to have him back. Just as many people who miss him in Ampang...

So thats for now

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