Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I m on diet

I m on diet for 2 days. I m not supposed to eat rice. Just a type of drink - USANA- 2 scoops eact time thrice a day and fruits. I failed, partly. I ate rice at dinner yesterday. Its difficut especially when there was udang masak lemak nenas on the table with daging biryani , left over from a wedding kenduri on sunday. My BMI is 24.9. Its more than the recommanded 18.5 - 22.5. My weigh should be 61.25 and I m 66.5. I know where the extra weigh come from,my tummy. Fat deposited around tummy is associated with cytokines production, culprit to various chronic disease. So ladies and gentleman even though you may not look overweigh be careful cause the extra fat at the tummy area contributes to ill health.....

But dieting is difficult especially when you work in KL, near chow kit where you can easily buy ikan keli bakar, sambal machang, kerabu and various mouth watering dish during lunch time less than RM5. And its extremely difficult when you know by dieting you miss the fun lunch time eat together session...ahhhhh

I dont know how long this diet program can last. If I m steadfast with the dietary regime I will lost 5 kg in 7 days..emmmm difficult..

No wonder there are more and more people walking around with excess 'baggage' around..

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