Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Congrats kakak

Mama would like to congrats kakak. Not that kakak has scored straight A's but kakak has shown tremendous improvement not only in study but also in leadership. At present kakak has grabbed 8 A's out of 11 subjects. With another 4 to go mama hope kakak can grab few more. Mama always doa that anak anak mama can improve in their study. Mama hope kakak can maintain and be good example to adik-adik. If previously mama was skeptical about late bloomers, now mama can see that every one has the potential to excell. Time and effort will decide and most important pray to Allah. Mama is also happy when hearing (maklumat bocor ;))that kakak has been chosen as a candidate for prefect and penolong ketua pelajar. Congrats kakak...dapat atau tak mama tak kisah..being selected as candidate alone is great news to mama.


kakda said...

Mana nak ditumpahkan kuah kalau tak kenasi. Mak dan ayah orang bijak pandai pasti anak-anak akan mengikut. Paling utama perhatian mak ayah terhadap keperluan anak-anak.

Anonymous said...


Hopefully akan excell cam anak mak ngah :)