Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Busy weekend

Weekend (22-23/11) was hectic. Saturday morning was report card day at Al-Amin. Alhamdullillah both girls did well..As usual despite list of A's, the 'crown' is always somebody else's. These youngsters..you gave them 5 subjects they grab all five, you gave them 16 subjects..they still grab all..Allah subhanawatala greatness...Never underestimate a child's ability...Unlike us..their brain absorb knowledge like sponge. Any way both kakak and adik have to be content with 9 and 8 A's..OK lah tu girls considering your effort??? Tahun depan memang kena pulun abih lah nampaknya. Since the teachers knew that we plan to go back to Kuantan soon many of them (muallimah) hugged and kisses the girls..Sedih pulak menengoknya. Thank you dear teachers..thousand thanx for your care and attention to the girls.

By 6 pm we were rushing to Tmn Medan since there was some ceremony going on at the surau there as part of the sunathon the next day. They were ceramah about the importance and history of circumsicion as part of sunnah. Post Isyak there was a parade by the kids who were handsomely dressed with songkok and tanjak. There was also mercun, silat and later a short ucapan by YB Haniza. By 11.00 pm we were on our way home.

Next day I went to Tmn Medan again with the kids as ayah had already went earlier as the sunathon was to start at 8.00 am. I was a bidan terjun juri for the coloring competition...Then by 11.30 we rushed to kedai mamak had lunch then wet home to pray zohor before we zoomed to UIA for Al-Amin Takrim Day. Kakak was there since morning for the raptai. Alhamdullillah kakak was given award for pencapaian subjeck utama (UPSR subjects) together with some other std 5 students. But kakak need to work harder as banyak A yang atas pagar. You need to work harder girl! We were at UIA KAED auditorium till around 5.

There goes our weekend..packed n tiring but still very rewarding...

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