Friday, August 29, 2008

Titian cahaya

Apa bezanya titi dan jambatan...titi is smaller and jambatan is bigger. Jambatan is important because it allows heavy traffic to pass through..but what about a titi..A titi is for me more important because despite its size people would still use it because there is no other alternative to bring people to the other side.... Hi hi .. I m trying to be philosophical

Actually I want to promote a tuition centre, for those looking for one who stay around Melawati. Why ..because they deliver...No its just that my kakak showed tremendous improvement (dengan izin Allah) after going there. So for the last 3 months she has been attending classes offered there. O BTW kakak is in standard 5...No I dont encourage sending your child earlier than std 5 and I only send her there this semester. Not that I dont understand what being taught at school...but I m not sabar enough to teach my kids.

So the name of the centre is Pusat tuisyen Titian Cahaya owned by a malay sister and I m sure the teachers there are experinced and committed to teach anak anak melayu and even non malays. The centre is located at the business area at Tmn Melawati. And its affordable...

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CinT@ InD@h said...

yup cikgu di sii mmg sgt2 berkuality n berpengalaman