Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Accident does happen..when you least expect..

I had an accident today. No I didnt hit anyone. Its no body's fault. Probably mine..for not being paranoid as usual. I hit mak ngah's gate accidently...and it cost me..emm emm. Any way as muslim we accept untowards event like this with open heart....TQ hubby for being cool as usual. I wonder what will I say if its the other way around. Allah pls forgive me for whatever wrong doings I have done...Amin

Any way today I managed to send the immunohisto CD to Dr.F. Hope she ll find it OK so I can proceed with my findings and probably can present it next month at the jabatan. Up to today I still havent got my chemicals for the CBS activity as well as the homocysteine kit. Hope things get speedier after this. Cant wait to settle back in Kuantan...

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