Sunday, June 22, 2008

40th birthday Celebration?

Yeah..thats what happen these last few days. On the 14th.June I became 40. The bloated feeling that I usually suffered from did not subside and I suspected something more serious. Inform my hubby about it. Had to refuse my sis call to see a very sick uncle in the afternoon. Went to hospital Ampang that night to do scan. Suspected a gall bladder pathology. By 10 pm got a call from a cousin.."Pak Mat macam dah takde".Rushed to Shah Alam. Pak Mat dah pergi. Monday..rushed to Shah Alam for burial. Tuesday went to scan by radiologist. A stone in my slightly-larger-than-normal gall bladder. Hubby called a friend a Tawakkal hospital after finding out that IIUM do cover for staff health expenses. Saw Dr.AA on Thursday, signed consent form. Start fasting at night. Friday morning said bye-bye to kids, went to tawakkal. At nine seen by an anaesth. After examination he allowed me a cup of tea. An hour later wheeled me to OT. Hubby was there too because he is Dr.AA's friend and he is a surgeon too. On OT table, an IV line was inserted than...................................after about 2 hours...I was back with gall-bladder-+ stone-less....So now for few days need to recuperate like agood patient. Thanks to the lap. chole procedure ...and Thanks Allah for allowing me to still be around.


ska said...

get well soon!!! :)

Anonymous said...

thank u