Monday, April 28, 2008

Dash to JB

Of late we often make quick decisions within seconds. But on Saturday 26th we really was in hurry. We plan to pick up abang Muaz on Wednesday but at about 2 pm that they he said, 'muaz ada kem tahfiz dari 30 april sampai 3 mei'. OK. Within seconds we decided to travel to JB. Alhamdullillah ayah was not on call and have no meeting..NGOs la apa lagi...So quickly we packed some clothes, rushed to see Opah and about 1 hour we were already on the PLUS highway. i droved till Pagoh since ayah was sleepy. After solat asar we went straight to Kempas. I managed to book a room at Selesa hotel in JB. By maghrib we were already at Kempas. Muaz sms me to contact at 8.00 pm. By the time we were there he was not yet out from the usual they had kuliah maghrib. The topic must be very interesting as the boys were laughing out loud listening to the ustaz ceramah. Ayah interrupted the ustaz so that we wont be late to reach the hotel. Ahhhhhhh lega dah dapat tengok abang Muaz. Alhamdullillah I m very happy with abang's progress so far. I think the presence of many good seniors helped a lot.

Around 9.30 we reached the hotel. As the name, Selesa Hotel, it was indeed a selesa one. Good enough for the six of us. We enjoyed a late supper that night. Seronok dapat makan sama sama. A lot of stories and teka teki to be shared. After solat Isyak mostly tumbang except abang who was given the 'privilage' to play game with the lap top. I dont know at what time he slept but one thing for sure with ayah around abang still woke u[p early the next day to jemaah at the nearby surau. After breakfast at the hotel we rest for few hours before we checked out at around 10.oo. As usual we went to Giant to get some ration for abang. Then we went to Angsana to buy few other things for abang. We had our lunch at the pizza hut as abang wanted to eat pizza. After a quick stop at Uitm to see maksu, we went back to send abang......Oh such a quick but satisfying trip as we manage to spent some valuable time with abang. Mama really hope abang can appreciate all this sacrifices, on your part, as you are placed so far away from us, as for ayah and mama, all the money and time spent for abang with the hope abang can be anak yang soleh, successful dunia dan akhirat..Allah help me.

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