Tuesday, March 18, 2008

When kids talk

I enjoy listening to kids talk. I dont mean when they converse with you but when they are having chat among them. I often listen without interrupting. Once they notice that you are listening they either discontinue or shy away.

The same goes during pilihan raya about a week ago. Frankly I never directly influence my kids about which group are 'the good' or 'the bad' one. some how they have sort of made up their mind that the 'moon' and the 'eye' were the 'good' while the 'balance' was not the balance one. I think they listen when adults or those around them talk. And one thing for sure we rately switch on the TV during the campaign weeks as I cant stand the on going ' self -praising' by the one in power. we also did not buy papers, except alternative papers. When the eldest, Muaz, came home he directly told the younger ones that the moon was the good one. He has in put at school I think. The funny part was Muneer decided that 'barisan PAS' with the green flag and the white moon was his choice, he dislike NASIONAL. I never encourage or discourage . When they asked me I said -" Undi anda adalah rahsia".

I think I have made up my mind long ago which one is my preferred group. My father had been a loyal supporter of this group. I think I know his reason. As for me, pilihan raya is something that we dont take lightly. Its not just a simple job of choosing whoever we like. A 'pangkah' that we give them will be counted at here after.

Another interesting conversation made by my kids when we went back to kampung last weekend. My in laws are from the southern part of semenanjung. And many of us know how strong thier inclination towards the 'balance' group. i hypothesized that the reason for the stronghold towards the balance are 1. many of them are migrants from Jawa, they are indebted to this government 2. i notice that these pld kampung folks (unlike their peers in KL or towns) do not have access to information, surau tiada pengajian, masjid lesu. Unlike in KL I noticed the list of ceramah ugama by various ustaz are lenghty. People change when they have information. So nak jadi kan cerita, when we arrived at our in law's house we were surprised by this beautiful picture of dato noraini, the 'Princess ' candidate for BP. Nicely hung beside the door. So when my kids saw it, the start asking their atuk and nenek...And the eldest one innocently talk about his preferred 'party' and why...When he asked, nenek pilih siapa, nenek pun sambil tersenyum said..."Undi rahsia" and laughed....We later found out that the picture was taken home by our sister in-law. I feel sorry for them, difficult to preach to them. I hope in future my kids will be able to make changes in this country. We may not be able to talk directly to our 'stubborn' elderly out of respect but the time will come when the new blood can make impact especially at this southern part of semenanjung.................ALLAHUAKBAR!

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