Monday, March 17, 2008

Sindrom Berapa A

Every year after the announcement of results for major exams in Malaysia, this sort of article will come out. Today in Utusan online I read ' Sindrom berapa A' with interest. It is written by some one who I think had scores strings of A's along his academic life. He commented about our question to student who has received their major exam result..Berapa A awak dapat..Maybe from now on we should instead ask how s your result?, instead of asking how many A's one get.

I am probably one of many other people whothink we should not 'worry' much about this trend. Instead of worrying about this kids who scored strings of A's why not worry about others who dont. Not that I ask those in authority be them the parents or government to 'scold' these kids after the exams, instead worry about them earlier in thier academic life, be it at kindi, primary, secondary or university levels.

I dont think smart kids like amalina, nadhirah or the latest SPM 2007 top scorer, or even those hundreds or maybe thousands straight A's are problematic kids or contributing to any way to problem in Malaysia. These high achievers will not achieve what thay get without hard work and many sacrifices. He mentioned about some students who regurgitate facts on exam papers, but mind you, a 'not-well-chewed information' garthered will not be easy to be 'regurgitated' out later during exams even if you have excellent photographic memories. Wheter you like it or not, to present a good comprehensive answer requires not just a minimal but hard work. In some subjects like mathematics, tjhose who are really gifted probably does not require too much exercise, but theres no short cut to subjects like biology, chemistry or even geography and history where by a lot of redaing and understanding are needed.

Some says if there are so many straight A's how can you differentiate among them.They will be, along the way in tertiary level or at post graduate level. Some others will say , there are others who are fortunate enough to have private tutors, or go to good schools, have excellent teachers. Yes to some extents it can influence. By having these extra help they can actually understand better and perform better at UPSR, PMR or SPM. But for those finally ger to their dream courses, their owm effort will determine wether thay will survivce or not at tertiary level as at that stage they 'are playing on the same field'. Only then the true good students will survive. But again we need to remember, wether one will succed or not , not just depend on extra help, the students own effort actually that determine the final out come.

I believe in 'written exam'. Why?. In my opinion thats is the only time where I can actually show my true potential and understanding. Thats the only time that I think the 'examiner' cant be biased as they dont personally know the people who write the answer. I 'dislike' the idea of 'interview session', incoorperating co-co mark' in university entrance. All this activities in my opinion have 'subjective 'input in it. Yes you can join activities at school, but you maybe just an average in term of public speaking, kepimpinan, sport or cultural activities but that should not deny you from you favourite course if you are brainy enough. Along my academic life I ve seen many people who I think get into their favourite course not because of their IQ but more because of EQ. These people usually can speak (English too) well, jovial, can attract others attention and confidenttoo. They perform well during intreview, get into their favourite course and half way they are kicked out? Why? Because their ability to speak (very) well with English bergulung-gulung doesnt help them understand and memorise about brachial plexus or the mechanism of certain drugs and pathogenesis of disease. I know a student who got aggregate of six ( in 80's) who instead of doing medicine in just 6 years need to do it in 8 years. Why? Consider that english is her 'half mother tongue' you wonder which part of the subjects was difficult. But she still finish her study. I also know people who doesnt speak well (english or even malay...kih kih...) but was excellent in his study even though kat negeri om puteh..And his a surgeon now..I m sure you are more worry if your surgeon is good or not with his knife than if he was a debater or great speaker like Sukarno.

Every job in this world need special skill so why worry if your are an athlete or not if all you want to be is a doctor, or engineer or lawyer, or business man or chef or what ever. Other assesment form like interview etc can be abused...thats my opinion.

So kids, why worry about A's...?

BTW I think those in authority should worry if the children is under perform. I dont mean underperform as not getting A's. Some student are average, some are weak. Identify weak student, idnetift the root of the problem. At kindi or primary level, medical help maybe needed as some of them suffers from ADHD or ear and eyes problems. At secondary school they maybe having other socila problem that distract them from performing well at school. WORRY ABOUT THESE KIDS! STOP WORRYING ABOUT HIGH ACHIEVERS! I dont think they will cause major problem to our society..

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