Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Maidless, madless

My maid went back to Indonesia about 3 weeks ago. Her son was ill and had an operation. The first few days were mad days almost every day. I prayed to Allah hoping I wont get made the next day but it was difficult. I ofetn get the sisters to do things, sometime scolding them. before they went to sleep i apologised to them saying i didnt mean to scold them. Alhamdullilah as time goes the maidless day become madless too. i do things that i can and leave what i cant. i dont cook if i dont feel and i dont iron hubbys clothes. I send to the laundry. i sleep when feeling tired even the house is slightly tidy then a broken ship....As long as things are clean , bersepah skit tak pa. When ever i feel upset and tired i remeber others who are in worst scenario. Even if i felt tired picking up the kids i noticed some oversea students had to walk long distance sending and picking up their kids at the UIA nursery. I often stop and give them a lift. When I feel tired and doest feel like cooking I remember others who are not only hungry but have no money to buy food...yes better look at the grass on earth then the nice blue sky. There are others who are in worst condition...But still i wouldnt mind having the maid.....;)

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