Sunday, February 10, 2008


It has been a long time since I write something in this blog of mine.

Study wise: have been working in lab trying to stain as many slides as possible but immunohistochemistry requires precision and 'cleanliness' that I can not stain as many as I want. Have also taken photos of some of the slides. need to get it viewed by expert. Who ? Have stop writing my thesis for some time. Think I need to hand whatever have been written to Dr.K before she 'burst'. And try to concentrate reading much need to read, digest and understand.

Homocysteine: Why cant they give me the quotation quickly

Abang muaz: What a trip!. For the first stime we got stuck in the 'famous' 'musim-perayaan-jam'. We start our journey around 6 and need to take a nap at Seremban before reaching home at 1.30 am.

Mama is happy with the positive changes abang showed. Even though abang is still a bit shy and not confident but more positive in some aspects. No longer grumpy when woken up in the morning to go to the mosque. No longer 'boring' face when ayah ask to recite al-maksurat since these are all his daily routine at hidayah. And mama was very happy and 'embarrassed' since abang can hafaz 4 pages of al-baqarah with only minor assistance from mama. Mama is embarrassed since even juzuk amma, mama can only recite some with confidence. mama pray to Allah that abang can sabar and persevere in your journey. Abang need to work harder in other subjects as mama cant be there to directly coach you.

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