Monday, December 24, 2007

What a day! Ayah finally flies to Indon.

Allahuakbar Allahuakbar Allahuakbar walillahilhamd

Allah Maha besar. Manusia merancang. Allah menentukan. Aku rasa patah patah perkataan ini sering benar terlontar dari mulut manusia termasuklah aku. Tapi tanggal 21 hb. Disember, kami benar-benar diuij.

Ayah has planned to go to Aceh since few months back. I would say a careful plan. Everything has been arranged. This time he was sort of leader for the medical part of the mission. Not a big mission like MERCY but a smaller scale. He and the team under ISMA (Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia) planned to perform some medical check up and sunathon for orphanage and kampung folks at Lhoksumawe, a small town few hundreds km from Banda Aceh, as well as qurban. The plan was for them to fly Air Asia from LCCT to Banda Aceh. Brothers from Acheh has made arrangement to receive them and arrange for bus transportation to Lhoksoemawe (P.Ramlee's born place as I gather from the net). Ayah has arranged his on-call schedule, take leave, bought all necessary items, packed medicine etc.etc. I was happy because all the kids were involved in this trip as they helped me packed medicine and etc. I was happy, a bit nervous (ha ha I ve been reading about rumours of earth quake and Tsunami in related areas....) and sad...yelah ayah and abang Muaz were going, leaving us behind for few days. 3 days prior to the planned trip ayah was sick. He was having bad fevers and shivering. Since he has no URTI symptoms I was worried that he might have dengue. He did FBC twice and alhamdulillah the platelet counts were good, over 200 in both occasions. But he was having bad fever on Wednesday. Shivering. Using to pieces of blankets. I noticed that ayah was really really worried that he might not make up for the trip. I was worried and sad for him But I did not show too much. He took all the antipyretics and even antibiotics, something that he rarely does before. I know, for the sake of going to Aceh. His friends were worried, for I think they appreciated and hoped that he will be able to go with them. Ayah had body aches and everything. I saw him performed solat in the middle of the nights despite having bad fevers. I knew he asked for Allah's help. Who else can help us except Allah?

Alhamdullilah..everyone seemed to be happy. The day they supposed to fly ayah was ok. Not very well and energetic but I think he at least was fit enough to go. All boxes were loaded to our Innova. Azmi joined us. After a short farewell we drove to LCCT. Cheerfull atmosphere. Few friends call. Azmi answered as ayah was driving. Jovial as he was he made jokes and we were smiling. Suddenly he asked about the passport and reminded ayah that the passport should not expire in 6 months for anyone to leave the country. Suddenly...bang..we were tested again.

Ayah's pasport will expire in March 2008 and that was 3 months from now. And ayah cant leave. Oh God...whats happening. After all these days, after the fever. I would have cried if I was at home but I have to be strong for I know ayah was also..what the word...terkejut. We rarely travel thus we dont know about this regulation and I cant blame ayah despite Azmi's reminding everyone, he forgot. I cant blame him as I knew that was the last thing he want from a wife, and he was crazy busy (sibuk gilerrrrr). I dont blame my abang. We went to airport, unloaded the boxes. Ayah and ustaz fairuz went around asking the authority. The answer was a no no. Next problem,Muaz was going too.How. Ayah was not flying , what about him. Alhamdullilah Allah help ayah. Ticket to Aceh was not available for Friday departure but there was flight to Medan.

They contacted friends in Medan, an apparently a Pak Andy can help ayah if ayah can fly to Medan. And what about the pasport. I called Damansara Immigration and they as usual said their office was packed and can only get done in 2 days, meaning Monday...Alhamdullilah ISMA head was there and he knew a friend at Immigration Subang, at the old airport. Ayah checked that there were tickets to Medan at 1 and 7 pm. We were to rush before solat Jumaat to Subang get everything done and bought ticket. Can we do that?.

I have to let abang Muaz joined the others. I entrusted him to Hj.Faris. I prayed that Allah will allow them a safe journey. I gave abang RM40 and Rupiah 100000. I dont really knew the value in RM. I just pick one from Ayah's wallet and hand to Ustaz Fairuz. And they gone..It was actually like the amazing race..ha..ha..

We rushed to Subang airport. Ayah despite still recovering from fever was forced into this endurance test..kesian ayah. He went there, met the person and yes!, pasport can be collected in 2 hours. Then ayah bought ticket to Medan at the terminal. Then off to Solat Jumaat. Just in time dor everything. I entertained the kids in the car. I knew they were tired but we already fed them at a restaurant. After praying we rushed to airport. Ayah went in. I rushed to the mosque again to perform solat Zohor with sarah, munirah and muneer. Then rushed to pick ayah. He got his ticket. He was worried that without proof of a return ticket he will have problem going out. Alhamdullilah I hold on to a copy of their return ticket from Air Asia that I took from abang MUAZ as he had checked earlier. Alhamdullilah...Allah you are the greatest most merciful.

We drove back to LCCT, I performed solat Asar with the girls at the airport. We went to Mc D. By then I started feeling a bit unwell, stressed by all the rushing. I told ayah that I need to go back. Muneer was started having temperature again. We said good bye to ayah. I told the girls several time. I felt sorry for ayah.May Allah help his trip.

Later, ayah 's flight was postponed from 7 45 to 9 45. I was very sleepy. By twelve ayah SMS that he had arrived at Medan and was with Pak Andy in the bus to Lhoksoemawe. Muaz had arrived earlier at Banda Aceh... Anak di utara, ayah di Selatan. Another 6 hours gruelling journey for ayah and 3 hours for Muaz. Allah selamat kan orang orang yang aku sayangi. For they go with their own money to perform some good deeds for this unfortunate persons. they were not asking for worldy reward but only Allah's blessing...Amin

The next day I had another problem. I cant contact them. Those from banda Aceh and ayah too. I was wooried sick. But I still brave my self and drove to Perak. I was waiting any call or SMS from ayah after so many times trying to get in touch but no succes. I had to be patient and only prayed to Allah. Alhamdullilah finally ayah called that he was safe at Lhoksoemawe and Muaz too was there. Muaz as his own world. He said " Ha...mama ada apa" Orang risau separuh mati dia dunno je. Tak pelah abang as long as you are safe. Ayah said there were no line for handphone so I thought they use the talian tetap.

Alhamdulliah ..Praise to Allah. You are the greatest and most merciful.

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