Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My enchem (1)

This is my enchem, he is five. I called him enchem occasionally. Not because he is handsome but he is enchem in my eyes. Lately enchem is a bit naughty. Sejak sekolah kat UIA. Before he was at Rasyad. Even though the system is good but it is too crowded. Enchem doesnt want to go back to Rasyad because he said the teachers were garang.

Enchem is the youngest at present. Compared to abang and kakak he can read earlier than others. By now he can read BM and english even though tak laju macam org besar. I think this is because he has kakak and abang. The teachers at UIA gave him extra work because he said work given by them were 'senang je'. I dont think he is genius but the curriculum at Rasyad was advance compared to UIA. tak pelah as long as he can read, write and do simple math I think thats would be good enough to start year 1. Enchem loves to play computer game, PS1 and apa apalah yg dinamakan game. He is now reading Iqra 3. He is a bit lazy when comes to ngaji. Enchem loves roti telur and Twiggies vanilla. He loves milk. And enchem still isap botol...Apa le dah besar pun icap botol. Enchem suka bagi short messages to me. Hari tu dia bagi A4 paper to me. Dia tulis ' mama I m so sori about that''mama I love u'. When I asked him why he said he copied what spider man said to his uncle. Apa la enchem ni ingat nya ada salah dengan mama.
Ayah sayang enchem terlebih. Sebab bongsu lah tu. Ayah suka gusti dengan enchem, angkat and hold him upside down..mama bising jadinya.

OK Enchem mama stop dulu.

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