Sunday, December 2, 2007

CUTI-CUTI Malaysia

Alhamdulillah, on the 30th. to 2nd. my family went to Melaka. Ayah was having a conference. We reached Melaka around 10. We thought of visiting the zoo and mini malaysia but the kids did not like the idea. I know why. They were looking forward to dip in the pool. So instead we went straight to bandar Melaka. After a quick lunch at KFC, we went to the mosque. We checked in at Holiday Inn Melaka around 2 after abang muaz and ayah finished Jumaat pray. This is a new hotel facing the Selat Melaka. Gorgous view from the room, 1410, level 14th. The kids were excited when we gave them green light to swim. Around 6 pm we went to have dinner at nearby restaurant. Muneer was already sleeping . Thus I brought back the nasi goreng pattaya and beehoon. Guess what they were already hungry after maghrib, including muaz and sarah. So they shared the 2 bungkus.

The nxt day ayah went for his confrence. After having our breakfast of roti telur and nasi lemak ( and a round trip back to our room since I had emergency, we went around bandar Melaka. We climbed the Bukit Melaka after a visit to the Stadhuyst building. We were at St.Paul church. It was amazing to be in such old building. Allah Maha besar. They get ice cream and drinks on the way back to the car. sarah and Muaz were complaining of sore foot. I told them to sabar and we went for beca ride. It was great. After a nice lunch we went to our room. After praying I 'forced' them to sleep knowing that they would not rest otherwise. Very soon the room was quiet except for abg muneer soft snoring. I was tired to and fall asleep. Luckily Munirah woke me up reminding me about my promise to bring them to the pool. So rushing they went down to 3rd. floor for the splash....Ayah was bacj early. After Maghrib we went to Umbai. But I was not impressed with the place we went.

The next day after breakfast, I brought sarah, munirah and muneer for the last dip. They were very happy. By 11.00 we were already in Parit Sulong. We had lunch at nenek's house. Around 4 we drived back to KL. We stopped at kajang for dinner. Then jamak solat at Shell station and finally back home. Alhamdulliah. Thank Allah for that pleasant and safe journey.

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