Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday program

Sunday there was an entrance-exam test for abg Muaz. We went to Pejabat Perkim Tmn Harmonis Gombak. By the time we were there, there were other parents already. The kids were to sit for an English test, recitation of Al-Quran and memorizing part of surah Ali-Imran. Considering that quiet a number of them were 5A's student, we are aware of the slim chance getting into the school. But we have tried and abang Muaz had done his best. We went home quiet late.

After 2 pm we went to Sg.Ramal. Attending a wedding ceremony, Ustaz Zainal n wife Farhana. Bagai pinang dibelah dua. May Allah bless this marriage and happiness be with them always.

On the way back we dropped by POPULAR book shop. Sarah was excited as she got the books she want - Aku mahu popular and a Hannah Montana book, Munirah also get her a title, Abg Muaz as usual, susah betul nak baca buku. takpe mama got him science and math books for form 1..Muneer also grabbed an exercise book. Dear anak please appreciate all these and thanx to ayah..

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