Sunday, November 18, 2007

Report card day

Saturday 17 nov 2007 was report card day. Muaz's Pekerti result was not out yet. Need to wait till Thursday. Munirah showed improvement. From 20's , now manage to get to to 13th. place in her class. Despite 8 A's, her rank was still above 10. Takpa she showed improvement. Sarah is still struggling. Need to focus more on her. Muneer performed well. Berkat ajaran cikgu Tadika Rasyad le. According to teacher he often commented that exercise given to him was easy. So he was given other additional works...Alhamdullilah Muneer can read. He completed his 'Bacalah Anakku 8'. Next year he will be streamed to the best class, insyaAllah. Go Muneer go...

Ptg kda dtg, pekena kueh teow n other 'instant kueh mueh'. Seronok makan ramai ramai...Malam pi tahlil rumah neighbour.


Zarina Abdul Aziz said...

Assalamualaikum. I am Zarina.
I was googling about Tadika Rasyad, and your entry popped up.
Everyday I use MRR2 and pass by that tadika. Actually, me and my husband is looking for the right playschool/kindy for our daughter. Jasmine'll be three this coming September and we plan to send her to playschool by next year.
Your son goes to that tadika too right? How's the school anyway, the teachers and environment?
Really appreciate your comment.

wayneayu said...

assalamualaikum zarina,

did u register ur daughter in tadika rasyad?

i did recently and my experience is different. my son was all excited on 1st and 2nd day at school. On the 3rd day the table turned, a boy bullied(beat too) all the children and my son is now phobia and refused to go to school. The reacher agreed to isolate the boy and switch classes. but nothing happen. My son practically crying everyday.. and he is now losing his voice.
M curious - what the teachers will do for this situation?
U might be wondering how i know my boy cries all the times.? We sneaked and saw my son standing next to fence and crying... he also cry while walking to/from the nursery and school.
Another thing i want to share - they told during registration that they have transportation to transport the children to/from nursery and school .. the children actually walk around 1pm to/from nursery and school.

Maybe mine is isolating case but i feel VERY sad ... this is only 2nd week of schooling