Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Al-Manar or Al-Hidayah

28th Nov 2007

About a week ago I received a phone call. Based on the number I knew it was made from east coast. 'Assalamualaykum, ....I m ...calling from Al-Manar, we would like to inform that your son has been accepted to Al-manar'. I thanked the lady and said alhamdullilah. My son has been accepted to Al-Manar, a centre that is known among circle of friends as a good place for tahfiz and arab. We were still 50:50 about sending abang muaz to Kelantan. But at the same time I did some search thru internet. As there was no formal website about that school I have to be satisfied with infos from blogs set up by student or ex-student of Al-Manar. From these few search I found that quite anumber of them make their way to universities local and internationals either in science-based courses or in reliougous study.

Yesterday my hubby told that Al-Hidayah's head-master called him. Thay had received our application letter to Al-Hidayah. Browsing thru the net I was impressed with the 10 year old school's acihevement. The 2006 batch showed impressive result with almost 60-70 % achieved 5A's and above. The SPM result was also good. But what is more important is the effort to educate the students within Islamic milieu. That is not available at daily school and we also think we are not equipped 'well' ourselves to cater to the children's need. Thus we decide to continue spending money sending them to SAR.

This morning I woke up early. After solat tahajjud, hajat and witir I prayed istikharah. I prayed that Allah will give me wisdom in helping abg Muaz. Yeah we decide but still we consider his opinion. I told him that I not only want my children to help me on this planet but more important I told him that I want their doa when we no longer exist on this world.. for when we are there the only thing that can help us is our amal jariah, sedekah jariah and doa dari anak yang soleh...so mama harap abang can do that..insyaAllah.

Until then ...Al-Manar? Al-Hidayah? or Al-Amin

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