Thursday, August 2, 2007


Aku memberi tajuk AMBUYAT buat entry kali ini. Begitulah terkesannya aku dengan makanan tradisional Brunai Darul Salam yg baru pertama ku jamah di Brunai minggu lalu. Yes last week I was in Brunei. I attended a conference 'MIB' medical sciences conference from 27th to 30th July 2007. I presented a poster entitled 'The effects of palmvitee on heart lipid peroxidation and antioxidant enzymes in rats fed high methionine diet'. It was a pleasant trip for me apart from the air travels. I hate air travelling despite the facts that I went through 8-10 hours journey to-from Australia 10 times before. I was not paranoid at that time but now..maybe now I have my kids to think of...

Anyway I enjoyed my time in Brunei..luckily a friend's friend willingly cheufferred us around..Hai KD,hai yati..Dapat tengok kg air dari jauh la, pegi jerudung, watched musical fountain, gi UBD, gi hotel apatah tak ingat nama..very nice watching sunset, gi makan AMBUYAT...hanya org yang dah makan je paham. Cerita pada orang yang tak pernah tengok membazir masa je. Any way I liked it. Conference was OK. banyak sangat org dari Uk... maybe if there were many more people from indonesi and brunei and even USM, UIA, UNIMAS, UMS..etc it would be more interesting. UKM should think about this seriously as next year they will be hosting the conference.

Another important thing to write. I bought this book..Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus..Interesting book about communication . Wish I ve read that before getting married. But I think insyaAllah the it still can help improve the way I communicate with my hubby and bring more happiness in our life.

So better chow now. And I have to make sure to start full speed soon..Otherwise..time flies.

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