Sunday, July 1, 2007

July.. its here

Finally July is here. I started my day today by making slides...yeah finally I ve to cut the blocks myself..was nt that tough. I managed to do one batch. That was 6 blocks. Out of 8 or ten I ve got 50% good slides. Think thats good enough for me.

Saturday went to sembahyang hajat for Muaz at SRIAAG. The feeling...its difficult to describe..yeah here I m praying for my son..the eldest. Hoping that he will be anak yang soleh for us . Now that I m nearing 40 I can feel that the journey towards 'the other life' is nearer. What can help me when I m there? Hope these children of mine will not bring more burden for me when I m there.

Today his first paper. Mama hope abang can do your best. I hope for the best but dont worry mama understand your weakness to. May Allah guide you.

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