Thursday, June 28, 2007



June is leaving me behind in two days time. Lab wise June is not a very productive month for me. The only time I was in lab was for HPLC demo and helping faizuli, the new student from Unisel, 'adapting' to lab work. In the early part of this month we were busy sending our abstracts to Brunei. Alhamdullilah finally all the girls are going for a trip to brunei. As for me this will be my third poster after USM , next ,coming UKM minggu penyelidikan on 19 July and finally going to Brunei on the 27th. We have make appropriate arrangement..hotel has been booked, I ve got my MAS ticket, and fee has been paid. Prof Tahir had signed my application form to go and paspot dah settled. Other then that was my birthday..Yeah ayah dah lulus. No longer did I need to remind him of my birthday...Early morning ayah has already wished me 'Hepi bday' with a nice carton card....Thanx abang for being a patient hubby. The girls.kd, sandra n aaa apparently has a surprise.Nice cup cakes from Vanilla pod...thanx guys...that was on the 14..Apart from that my thyroid function test now is normal..unfortunately my BP has started to creep. Probably I cant stand KL ..too much traffic lights can easily raise my BP few mmhg higher. Probably need to reduce salt intake and stress..hey !!! u must think positive girl. Am proud of abang's achievement...mama dont expect 5 As from you..but your improvement lately make me belief that some people do bloom later than otherss... Finally today is my sarah's birthday. I purposely did not wish her in the morning.. Cian kakak she thought I forget..she slowly gelak and said " I m proud of myself today" I asked why? as if I do not know anything...and she said "its my birthday".... so I said kesian nya kakak..but when she went down later she found her bday present behind the pillow on the usual kakak malu kucing sokmo..there it was her wish comes tue...she got a diary with a lock from mama n everyone... there u are my girl has grown up so do I..getting older everyday..hope life would be better in July kalau panjang umur..

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