Friday, April 27, 2007

I m tired.

Phew...very tired. My head s throbbing a bit. I m supposed to take leave today. already signed in the form. But ..yup can do that. Got to do my MDA. Done it. And the result? Dont know yet. Got to do the protein. Good, tomorrow s Saturday. Unlike other who still come and do their work on week end, I ve got my own agenda. Tomorrow early morning I ll go to pasar tani Melawati. My routine since move to KL. Need to fill up the fridge otherwise nak makan apa? Then the kids. Pick this one, send that one. Help this one. coax the other. Then rest. I love week end, the only time I try not to think what will happen with my MDA, when to do my immunohisto, how to run HPLC. My santuary...

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