Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Do you know your homocysteine level?

I suppose many of us know the risk factors of cardiovascular disease. If you are a male, obese, has high cholesterol level, a ciggerate smoker - the chance of you dying of a heart attack is greater than other people. But do you know that homocysteine, a thiol-containing molecule, is also considered as a risk factor for cardiovascular related disease. This started around 1960 when Dr. Kilmer Mc Cully at Harvard University noticed that children who sufferred from homocystinuria, a genetic disease that affects certain enzyme in homocysteine metabolism, had arterial lesions similar to middle aged men who had coronary artery disease. These children die early of stroke. His finding did not put him into limelight instead he was fired from the university. He continued his reserach and proved the relationship between excess homocysteine and risk of cardiovascular disease. His finding was later confirmed by other researchers. His work acts as an impetus for other studies on homocysteine.

Now I'm working on homocysteine. Instead of supplementing my subjects with homocysteine I added methionine in their diet. All my little friends ( my rats) have been sacrificed after tirelessly looking after them for 10 weeks. Looking after them was a 'nightmare'. I rather look after my kids. But thats research. I ve completed part of my lab work. I basically am interested to look at the effects of an antioxidant, palmvitee, on some cardiovascular parameters.

Thursday is my presentation day. So insyaAllah after that I can complete the rest of the work. Allah please give me strenght and patience......

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