Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Beauty s skin deep ???

Ayah said 11, abang said 9 to 10, the sisters said 10-11. I havent asked the youngest one. Dont think he would be interested. I m talking about the skin tone scale I got from the news paper. The kid laughed at me. I dont believe my self. I m using that cream to make me look fair and lovely??? Kah kah this age suddenly I want to look like MJ or what? Why not? Bukan apa lately I noticed that the skin is getting darker. Too much exposure to sun maybe so why not wear some 'claimed-to-be-protective-lotion". Any way Im not pregnant and not 'harming' or putting at risk other God's creation except myself..Try ler apasalahnya. So I have used it for 1 week. Got another 3 weeks before I ll be fair and lovely...kih kih kih. But actually I noticed my skin s getting 'better'...less bintik bintik. Or just psychology? Never mind lets wait 3 weeks. Any way thr lotion has sunscreen, thus it is good for the skin anyway....

Talking about being fair and lovely I remember my yesteryear. Growing up with 'skin not so fair' like other in my circle 'hurt' at times. Still remember growing up with variuos nick name from siblings and others. Yeah I know they were kids too. No one knows about self esteem at that age. But I m sure the names they used ti call me dent part of my esteem. Thought my 'sufferring' would end as teenage. My God these young boys at school were even worse. No not all. Only few but certainly they made part of my life at boarding school nightmares. 'Dayang Senandung'..'Baju berjalan'.. some names they call me. Ahhhhhhh..Why were they so nasty? I onlt felt appreciated and no 'name-calling' at matriculation. maybe because the 'nasty boy' did not pass thru the sieve. only the 'cream of the cream' got selected? Huhhh boasting plak. ..But true..since then no more nick name and what so ever. people appreciate you as you are. kids no nickname, no ejek-ejek. When ever they heard unwanted remark from friend about their appearance, I asked my kid to ask back to those children. " Who do you think create all this, my face, my look? and if the kids answered "Allah", then tell them " You are making fun of Allah's creation"...Thats it ..So my kid whenever referring to someone skin color often say something like this...muka kakak coklat cair or coklat pekat...never do they say ..hitam or 'keling' or those nasty remark...Hope they ll keeep it up. I always remind them not to call someone based on their physical appearance..Hope they remember. Any way its true is only epidermally-deep. Deep inside the structure is the same...chow.

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