Monday, March 12, 2007

Bonus in life

Yesterday we had a 'bonus'. No its was not money (though I received a phone call saying that we will get back our RM 5000 deposit money for the house we purchased in Kuantan plus the RM2000 for introducing our friend to also buy the house). No it was also not car, or jewellery or any of those 'material' thing. But it was my hubby, or ayah to my kids. Yes he was at home last night. I forgot when was the last time he sat with us in the lounge at home. He did his work, played with the kids and chatted with me.

My hubby's life turned "upside down" since he embarked into his subspecialty attachment. My hubby wants to be a hepatobililliary surgeon. That was and is his ambition. I know he can do it but the time spent in hospital now is not very different from the time we did our housemanship more than ten years ago. He has on-call straight for 3 days , break for one day and tonight he is back on-call. He goes out before 7.00 and until the kids are in bed he is still not around. I noticed lately that my kids start questioning me where about of their ayah especially the youngest one. This has never happen as long as I can remember because before this although he was on-call, he usually come back for his shower and had his dinner before going back to hospital but now..

So last night was a 'bonus' night for the whole family. And I hope we will have more time to spend with the kids. One thing for sure, in life we have or get many 'bonuses' but we rarely appreciate them.

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